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Eyeline® Bespoke Screen Service

Custom made

projection screens

We offer a wide range of custom made

mounted projection screens to suit your

projection requirements.

Our screens are suitable for a wide range of

installations from home cinema installations

to high-end corporate installs.

All screens are manufactured to high quality

European standards. This page provides an

overview of our bespoke offering.

Please contact your representative for

further information and to discuss your



Electrically Operated Screens

For wall or ceiling installations. Screens are supplied with

a bare end cable from the motor and a wall switch for

electrical installation. Electrically operated screens are

available up to 7m wide. Also available as:



Screen with a constant tension to the edge to provide a

flat surface for superior results.


In-Ceiling screens

Screens that are mounted into a suspended ceiling and

are hidden when not in use.


Multi-Format Screens

Screen with dual motor and surfaces to allow for different

projection formats.


Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Ideal for semi-permanent installs. Often used for cinema

and boardroom applications, or in areas where there

is a need for frequent projected information such as

attractions and visitor centres. Fixed frame screens are

available up to 10m wide.


Black Powder Coated

Standard option available for all frame size options.


Black Velvet Coated

Velvet frame offers a luxury finish and eliminates reflection

from the light source against the frame surface. Velvet

coating is available for sizes up to 4m wide.

Projection Formats

We offer solutions for practically any size and format

required, with or without extended black borders or

drop. The most popular formats are noted below:


Square – 1:1 ratio

This traditional format remains widely used in education

and church environments as it offers true flexibility in

allowing any format to be projected.


Video – 4:3 ratio

Is commonly in education, offices and training facilities to

allow PowerPoint presentations to fill the screen and ensure

text is easily legible. There is a transition over to 16:9 and

16:10 formats as a favourable format although 4:3 is still

very popular.


Widescreen – 16:10 ratio

A relatively new projection format led by the introduction

of a new screen size to accommodates presentations from

laptop computers and projectors. This format is increasing

in popularity and is mainly used within educational and

corporate environments.


Widescreen – 16:9 ratio

Popular for home cinema rooms, education where films and

images are the main focus and gaming.

Projection Surfaces

We offer a variety of different projection surfaces to suit

your requirements. Below is an overview of the available

projection surface options, to suit your requirements:


White Ice

Matte white surface for front projection.


Home Vision

Heavy duty matte white material for front projection

with black back to reduce ambient light show through to

improve the projected image.


Micro Perforated

This is a matte white projection surface with small holes

across the surface to allow for sound penetration when

used with speakers behind the screen.



This surface is also to allow the use of speakers behind a

larger screen.


Grey High Contrast

For front projection, this screen has a grey surface with a

black back and is designed to ensure excellent contrast on

darker colours. For viewing films in a dark environment.


Coral Rear Projection

This material allows the projection source to be located

behind the screen surface.

Mounted Screens Options

We offer two main styles of bespoke screens: Electrically Operated screens and Fixed Frame screens.